College Recruitment Service

Athletic recruiting is a difficult process but the hard work can pay off – earning an athletic scholarship is a life-changing experience. Athletic recruiting doesn’t work the way many people think, though – coaches from college programs don’t just go to track meets to “discover” recruits. A lot of recruiting now happens online. Take an important first step in the road to a track scholarship by letting us help with the process.

  • Direct contact with all college coaches Division 1 and Division 2
  • Sending out all e-mail to colleges regarding your child attending the college/university
  • Making sure the NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE is done on time and correct
  • Direct contact with compliance off at all college/university of your choice
  • Direct contact with colleges regarding official visits
  • Working with parents regarding GRADES,CLASSES AND ALL NCAA RULES and REGULATIONS
  • Working with parents on the FASA/PELL APPLICATION DEADLINE
  • Working with counselors, coaches and parents to get the best academic and sports scholarship.
  • Reviewing resume, essays and college application.